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n u m b e r  1? c o u l d  b e  m i s s  i n d i a !

Amrita Thapar: "I don't know much about numbers, but I am really fascinated by this discovery."


Amrita Thapar has shown how to turn the tide in her favour. Just about a month before the contest she spoke to me and was nervous on a certain issue; she was also not keeping well.

And then I received an SMS that she had made it to the Miss India finals. Here’s an exclusive interview...

Anupam: My numerological calculations say that numbers 1 and 2 have followed you. Were you aware of that?

No I didn't know, can you elaborate?

Anupam: You were contestant number 1 and so was Tanushree (she was contestant number 28 (2+8=1) and she is also born on the 19th, which is also 1.

Also, Viraf Patel was contestant number 28, which adds to 1. And guess what? Both you and Viraf are born on June 12! And Viraf's destiny number is 9 and he stayed in room 117 for the contest, which adds to 9. You stayed in room 1001, which adds up to 2, and your destiny number is also 2.

Amrita: Oh my God! Anupam, Viraf told me that you had mentioned this fact to him but I couldn't believe it. I don't know much about numbers, but I am really fascinated by this discovery. It has greatly intrigued me, as I have never come across the numbers game earlier."

Anupam: What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a Gemini?

Amrita: "I think Gemini's have two natures which they constantly keep battling with. Even during the contest, there was this negative side, but then the other side, said, "Oh shut up, you're going to win".

Gemini's are constantly thinking and get bored really easily, but they make sure they do their task well. I think Gemini's are blessed with a lot of creativity; they are multi talented and are able to multi task well. Most of all they don't lose their focus."

Anupam: So, do you believe in fate?

Amrita: I am not a non believer in destiny; I feel that everyone has their role in life chalked out. I believe a lot in karma.

Anupam: What gave you the strength?

Amrita: I got a lot of strength from reading spiritually motivating books like Illussions by Jonnathan Livingstone; The Monk who sold his Ferrari and I can do it by Louis Hay. I like to read books before I sleep, it relaxes me. Also, my mother is my source of strength, she tells me where I am going wrong!

Anupam: Who did you remember most before the contest?

Amrita: My parents, I spoke to them fifteen minutes before going on stage.

Anupam: What helped you when you were nervous and stressed?

Amrita: Deep breathing and disconnecting from the environment really helped me de-stress.

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