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Freud even used dream analysis to confirm the existence of the emotional biorythm cycle. In 1920’s ,Alfred Teltscher recorded the intellectual biorythm cycle.

Biorythms are related to your birthday and I combine it with numerology,especially in relationships and marraige.We can chart cycles by counting backwards to the date of birth”. Your biorythm cycles begin when you are born,so the first day of your life is a triple caution day,a CCC day, which happens only once in seven and half years.Biorythms predispose they don’t predict.

Once you get the critical dates ,you can apply remedial measures from the Lal Kitab and astro-numerological advise and colour therapy too for risk prevention. I advise people to take things easy at critical periods,and plan activities according to their bio rhythm cycles which makes life easy,less stressful and successful

What are biorythms? how do they help?
They are internal cycles from within our own bodies,so they can only reflect our potential.They help understand ourselves and others,help avoid many aggravations and even accidents,and make life run more smoothly.Biorythms are three natural,regular cycles within our bodies which affect us physically,emotionally and intellectually. If you are aware of the state of your biorythms,you can improve the quality of your life.By being aware of your caution days you can reduce stress,accidents and illness,which helps reduce many of lifes irritations and frustrations.

The physical cycle is 23 days long and it regulates physical strength,energy,endurance, sex drive,confidence and ambitions.It is related to the autonomous nervous system and flow of hormone melatonin.

The emotional cycle
is 28 days long and shows the ups and downs of emotions, reactions, sensitivity, affections, depressions and is dominant in women and creative people like dancers,writers and artists.

The intellectual cycle is 33 days long and governs intelligence, memory, intellectual ambitions, mental alertness, intuition and logical thinking.Some Japanese researchers believe it is linked to secretions of the thyroid and related glands.

Evolution of biorythms: Dr. Sigmund Freud and Dr.Wilhelm Fliess observed the first biorythm cycles.Freud even used dream analysis to confirm the existence of the emotional biorythm cycle. In 1920s ,Alfred Teltscher recorded the intellectual biorythm cycle.This cycle has been confirmed to have a relationship with the thyroid and other glands.That is why you notice on certain days even the most brightest students behave stupidly. In 1930s Alfred Judt from Germany devised tables for calculating bio rythms and this was the first calculation aid. It was only in the 1970s that Swiss engineer Hans Frueh made the first biorythm calculating machine and in 1980 the London Biorythm Company developed the biorythm wheel to display biorythms.

In the Korean War in 1953 statistics were collected on biorythms,and it was noticed that four out of five deaths during military action occurred on caution days in the physical cycle.In fact popularizing the biorythms led to the Kitchener Bus Company (Ontario) to reduce its accident rate by 60% when biorythms were used.

Practical use in modern day: As the use of biorythms became more popular in Japan,accident rates,both motoring and industrial -decreased and biorythm compatibility at workplace improved productivity.Major insurance companies obviously became interested because it saved them claims. Studies have been done in England with a view to promote use of biorythms in suicide prevention.

Compatibilities: Surprisingly, marriages that have a very high physical biorthym compatibility tend to be dramatic and short lived. However,this is a powerful bond and couples who experience this are often drawn to each other like an obsession.Try to avoid extremes of compatibility,that is both very high and very low. But in marriage there are other factors apart from biorythms such as astrology and numerology which are given due weightage. If couples have more than 90% emotional compatibility they may have enormous rows.100% emotional and physical compatibility may not be enough to prevent a divorce if physical compatibility is low.

The best basis for a marriage biorythmically is for all three cycles to be just over 50%.In many marriages ,the couple turns out to be compatible in only one cycle.While the marriage may survive,it may not be wholly satisfying to either partner.Couples who divorce,and remarry each other,generally have a very high physical biorythm compatibility(about 95 to 100%),resulting in rivalry and dramatic fights.

Good decisions are often made when the biorythm sequence is either two highs and a low,or all three are high.

Accidents happen due to overconfidence /slowness in reactions, tiredness, illness,stress or loss of concentration for a few moments.From the biorythm viewpoint ,all these corelate with a caution day in the physical cycle or intellectual cycle or when the biorythms in general are exceptionally low.

Falls and accidents at home also happen on a physical caution day.On caution days in the physical and emotional cycle children become sick or injured and are more likely to bully or tease younger children. On physical caution days we tend to lack confidence and might take refuge in alcohol and drugs.For routine surgery avoid all caution days.

A research in UK shows that the day before the 29th birthday has a particular significance for suicide attempts,than on any other day in a person’s life.Suicides resulting from long term unhappiness or mental unhappiness occur during intellectual/emotional double caution days. Emotional stupidity occurs on intellectual caution days.Heart attacks and strokes occur usually on a double caution day in the physical biorythm combined with a low emotional biorythm.

On emotional caution days one is very vulnerable on the emotional front.On an intellectual caution day one is slow,often inaccurate,so avoid making important decisions.On double caution days you feel you are living through destabilizing,chaotic times feeling sluggish too. One becomes more self centred on such days.

How to get your biorythm?
Biorythmists use a chronological age table to calculate your biorythm in a particular month or year which is depicted on a biorythm wheel(see figure).Though it is a complex procedure, Anupam Kapil attempts to simplify these giving an idea.

Suppose you are born on 8 November 1972,then you will be in your 32nd year in 2004. So go to the table showing the 32nd year and as you see horizontally downwards in the column you notice the figures 20 (Physical),5(emotional) and 32(intellectual).Now the cursor on the wheel with 4 layers is taken to your birthday,1st November.You must now see from the table below how many leap years you have passed after your birthday.Seven leap years have elapsed after 1972(birth year),so minus 7 from 8 November and you get the date as 1st November.Now you have to align the above values for the physical,emotional and intellectual with the corrected birthdate,i.e 1st November.So you bring the cursor to 1st November and align the values 20,5,32 below this date and you get your bioryhthm cycle.Of course the interpretations require a highly skilled expertise as Anupam informs us that there are broadly 27 main biorythm combinations.

Take the number of complete years lived. Multiply this by 365 days.Add one day for each leap year lived.Count the number of extra days in the current year,including the day you are calculating for.Divide this total by the number of days in each cycle in turn, 23 days for the physical, 28 days for the emotional,and 33 years for the intellectual.


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