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by Anupam V Kapil

"Kareena readily admitted that the new name had brought her a lot of ill-health and misfortune."

Changing names doesn’t seem to work for everybody. Atleast it didn’t for Kareina err Kareena.

Ms Kapoor reverted back to her original name Kareena, now more convinced about the ill effects the name change brought her.

In a one-hour session with Astro-Numerologist Anupam V Kapil, while she was in the city. Kareena readily admitted that the new name had brought her a lot of ill-health and misfortune.She asked Kapil many questions, and he advised her to focus on her career for the moment, as the coming year will see her do very well.

She and mother Babita were also very keen to know about sister Karishma and what future holds for her. When Kapil suggested that Kareena wear a blue sapphire, she pointed out that Lady Diana had been sporting a Blue Sapphire when she died in the car crash. However, Anupam seems to have convinced her that this gem will do her wonders.

What about her love life?
Anupam refuses to say, adding that he cannot reveal one’s personal life. But says that he advised Kareena to tie knot in 2008-09, as her filmi career will be at its peek till then. Says Kapil, “ She is all set to be number one very soon. Everybody should watch out for this girl”.

Kareena Kapoor is a victim of ‘conspiracy and treachery’, says celebrity astro- numerologist Anupam V Kapil who quotes Kareena confirming his ‘starry insight’.
“I have become a victim for no reason, this act has never occurred at a public place, and that’s the truth”, Kareena told Anupam who had read Kareena’s hand and horoscope earlier this year and had predicted 2004 to be a super year for Kareena’s career.

Log Kehte Hai-The Firing Line
Kareena’s kiss with Shahid Kapoor allegedly caught on mobile camera, published by Mid Day and broadcast by various electronic channels has generated a lot of interest as well as raised questions on the ethical role of the media portraying such images.

The Supreme Court described it as ‘’not in good taste.’’
Columnists Shobha De called this intrusive, pornographic and rape of private space on one side and on the other hand advised Kareena on a parting note to ‘keep the tongue where it belongs’. With such opinions and with celebrities like Amitabh Bachchan supporting the media line, Kareena finds herself in a helpless position.

Will Her Career Be Affected?
What should she do? Will the alleged ‘kiss’ affect her career and her relationships with her beau Shahid Kapoor? Here is what our ace fortune teller foretells.

“Kareena has become a victim of conspiracy and treachery; she is innocent. The kabala card number 18, which appears in the readings indicates that there are three people who are involved in hatching this conspiracy, a female and two males.”

“My advice to her is that there is no need to resort to defamation, as her ultimate outcome cards indicate concord and contentment. She will ultimately have success, advantage and victory in this issue. Within two weeks all this will die down. “

Her Sitare -Anupam Kapil Predicts
“The birth chart shows that Kareena will emerge stronger from this controversy. Her acting will dazzle in 2005, as she will run the favourable antar dasha of Saturn in Rahu-Venus dasha from December 17, 2004. I had read her hand in April 2004; her impressions show her Sun lines to be rising from the mount of Mars to the mount of Sun and Saturn, which indicate lasting fame.”

Anupam On Kareena’s Future With Shahid
”She will have to deal with her idealistic and over-sensitive romantic nature, bring it under control (which she will), as her head line runs across the mount of Mars, bringing rationality. She has the line of intuition on her mount of Luna in her hand and so she must always trust her own intuition. Emotional confusion in matters of the heart will prevail and she will have to contend with it. Shahid Kapoor is a Libra Moon sign, which is the same as Kareena’s ascendant, so there is mutual liking.”

”Kareena’s Mercury is in the varsha lagna. As per Lal Kitab, this is unfavourable; it will constantly create obstacles and needless controversies, more so in love matters, putting the relationship under immense pressure in 2005. It is a good relationship with commitment, but marriage is not indicated, nor advisable in 2005. But if she desires to marry Shahid, correction of Mercury malevolence can help them fulfill those intentions. Her career will really soar and she must concentrate on career now. She will dominate and rule the filmi scene in 2005 and win accolades and awards for her performances.”

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