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t a n u s h r e e  d u t t a

by Anupam V Kapil

"Tanushree Dutta is a beauty with brains."

Tanushree Is Different: Tanushree Dutta, the newly-crowned Femina Miss India is a different personality compared to the former Miss Universe, Miss World and Mrs World.

I had the rare opportunity of reading the palms and birthdates of Lara Dutta, Aditi Govitrikar, Yookta Mookhey, Yana Gupta, Sheetal Mallar and Jessie Randhawa when they visited me.

Similarities Between The Beauties: I was looking for similarities of numbers and stars in their birth charts and sure enough, discovered that the supermodels shared a common number! Yes. Apart from this, they all have arrow formations in their birth chart.

Tanushree Dutta is a fate number 1 ruled by the Sun and a destiny 7/8. As she is born before sunrise, the effect of number 7 in her life shall also be pronounced, as this is a cusp time. She will be dominating and will not accept defeat, but at the same time she will surely be drawn to occult subjects like astrology (which she confessed to me over the phone), and metaphysical subjects will make her pursue serious subjects in life. She is a beauty with brains.

The Number 7 Helps: Tanushree has the same number which helped Lara Dutta and Yookta Mookhey – the number 7. Yukta was born on 7.10.1978 and Lara Dutta on 16.4.1978. Both Lara and Yookta had number 7 in their fate or destiny number and Tanushree won the crown on 27.3.2004, which also adds up to 9. I have pointed in my earlier articles that 9 is always good for those influenced by 7.

Aditi Govitrikar born on 21.5.1972 is also a destiny number 9. Tanushree’s Saturn is exalted and her moon in the 9th with an exalted Saturn and Jupiter in her own house gave her this winning edge.

Tanushree’s nature: She is a Pisces-Arian cusp and has the fate number 1, which gives her the best qualities of both the signs, and makes her moody, sensitive at times, but extremely focused and determined in her goals. She always likes to lead and has a bit of an ego.

She is discriminating because of her Mercurian Moon rashi. The trouble at times maybe her vacillating interests since Pisces is a sign of versatility. Ambition is the only thing that can drive her and she must never lose sight of this as she is prone to lose interest in things and may dabble in other activities.

Quick Predictions: The period till May 2004 will be extremely favourable for signing new projects. She might even receive offers for tele-serials or films. The period from May 2004 to April 2005 will see new developments, which shall be very revealing from the soul-development perspective, since she will also be running antardasha of her 8th lord.

More achievements would be in store for her, but some news on family front may need her attention during this moment and she should not ignore this. Till 2007 there does not seem to be any major hiccups and thereafter, her life will undergo a complete makeover; she might leave the country and settle abroad. The best planets in her chart are Venus, exalted Saturn and well placed Mars, which will always give her an edge in competitions.

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