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w r o n g  p h o n e t i c  n a m e s  h a r m

by Anupam V Kapil

"Those with Aries, Taurus, Leo, Libra, Scorpio and aquarius will have memories of former lives ."

Shabad hi tala, shabad hi kuchi, shabad hi braham ho ujala.

The one word is itself the lock, key and the omnipresent Brahman, how and why.

The word is itself the basic knowledge or the actual knowledge which is present in yourself but not understood without the guidance of the Guru.

The moment you understand the meaning with the grace of the guru you have the knowledge of the original texts from where all the Vedas and al other scriptures have come.

In the past issues we have seen how elaborate and deep esoteric numerology is and how these name values assume entirely different values depending on where the same vowel is used in names of Indian origin.

The various systems in the world on name numerology often confuse students, especially as values of Hebrew, Pythagorean and Indian alphabets are entirely different. An amateur numerologist would begin seeing contradictions in the subject itself, which is why for advanced numerology, we need to understand the phonetic meanings of the names.

As the Kabala and Hebrew values are most widespread in the world, I have in my columns and book used these to illustrate how these systems work.

An interesting research fact that I would share with my readers is that the phonetics differ in various countries depending on the language, which is why the way a name is pronounced (not spelt) in a particular country must always be take into consideration. For example, Napoleon Bonaparte would add to 13 by Kabala, accurately describing his confinement at Helena as, ”he who understands 13 is given the keys of power and dominion,” which if wrongly or selfishly used causes self destruction.’’ He had dropped the ‘u’ from his surname Buonaparte, which added to a more fortunate number 10,j ust before the disaster he met at the battle of Waterloo. Stay connected.

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