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Paid Reports
* Ask a Question Rs.750 18USD
  Ask any one question
* Ask 3 questions Rs.1500 35USD
  These should pertain to only one area of your life.
* Name for your new baby (for One Year only) Rs3000 75 USD
  A name is a tool which helps you retain your identity in society and the knowledge of combing the ancient science of astrology and numerology together phonetically is as good as lost.


Phonetic Name Correction Rs 3600 85 USD
  Choose a name that assures you success in your personal and professional life. Anupam will give you a phonetic name that agrees and concords harmoniously with your Janam Nakshatra, Moon sign, Sun sign and numerologically too.
* Marriage/Relationship compatibilities Rs.2500 60USD

It shall include an astro-numerological analysis giving strengths and weaknesses and suggestions/solutions to improve relationships of those already married.

* Astro numerological business compatibility Rs.3000 75USD
  Using birth details of partners,nature of product and firm name,Anupam Kapil shall suggest course of action.
* Career Prospect(1 Year) Rs.2500 60USD
* Lucky names for your business/brand Rs.5000 115USD
  Just as in astrology you have the starting alphabet or sound vibration which determines your name at birth based on your time and Janam nakshatra, similarly your business brand is your passport to success.
Health prospects








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